The Next Four Years



Thanks to the recent election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, minority groups all over the United States are now fearful of what might happen to them over the next four years. Unfortunately, the LGBT community is definitely one of those groups. Will Donald Trump’s homophobia and harsh language about the community normalize the mistreatment of LGBT people? Does Trump have enough influence to overturn marriage equality? (Probably not, but it’s scary that we even have to think that way.) We’ve made great strides in recent years, and there is a rational fear that having a president like Trump could cause the country to take a few steps back in the way of human rights.

The Human Rights campaign put out an article just after the election giving answers to some other worries that people in the community expressed about the Trump Administration, which you can read here. People are being forced to ask questions such as whether or not their health care will be affected, whether there will still be protection against discrimination for those in the community, especially transgender people, whether trump will reinstate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and other things that shouldn’t even be a concern at this point (

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is not the only person that we have to fear in the next four years. The media has been closely following the present-elect as he appoints cabinet members and the people he’s choosing are just as bad (if not worse) than Trump himself. To start, there’s Mike Pence, who believes in conversion therapy for LGBT people. If Trump is impeached, that will be our new president. Or how about White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, who “oversaw the most anti-LGBT platform in history” ( The Human Rights Campaign has another article here which lists a few more scary names that could potentially be part of the Trump Administration, including Ken Blackwell, “a Senior Fellow at the Family Research Council (FRC),” “which has been designated a hate group” (

No one really knows exactly what to expect in the next four years, but we do know that it isn’t going to be easy and we are all going to need to be very supportive of each other. Some organizations designed to help and support the LGBT community are The Human Rights Campaign, the Trevor Project, and GLAAD (described in more detail in this blog post). If you don’t already know a lot about the issues that people in the community are facing, take a moment to look at each of their websites and learn. If you can, donate. We’re already going to need to be there for each other through the Trump Administration and in its aftermath, and these organizations can help.


Trump Names Reince Priebus, RNC Chair Who Oversaw Most Anti-LGBT Platform in History, as WH Chief of Staff


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